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Holbox boat owners to pay environmental sanitation fee

Holbox, Q.R. — Boat owners in Holbox will be charged an environmental sanitation fee. The fee is the same as is currently be paid by ferry users to the island. The decision to charge local boatmen was made during a December meeting between members of the Technical Committee of the Environmental Sanitation Trust.

Members of the Trust agreed to begin collecting this right from the boatmen who arrive on the island, however, a date to begin the collection remains up in the air.

At the meeting it was clarified that since December 1, ferry companies Holbox Exprés and Nueve Hermanos began charging their passengers for the Environmental Sanitation fee.

While members of the Trust agree on the charge to island boatmen, they still need to agree on the way in which other nautical companies will charge the fee and collect the money. Authorities estimate that the collection of the sanitation fee will exceed 4 million pesos per month, which would be allocated to Holbox’s infrastructure.

Lázaro Cárdenas City Council General Secretary Roger Augusto Medina Pacheco says they are working on a plan to verify the resources that would be collected and a way to distribute them.