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Holbox authorities warn about seizure of bikes found on beaches or in sea

Holbox, Q.R. — Holbox business owners that rent bicycles on the island are being warned of their possible seizure. Municipal authorities are warning people now that bikes found on the beach or in the water will be seized.

The warning is being extended to both owners of the units as well as to those who rent them. Bicycles on beaches and in the sea cause environmental damage and can even create pollution due to chain grease.

The call is being made after several bikes have been photographed being ridden on beaches and found laying in the sea. Signs are posted around the island that prohibit bicycles from being on the beaches and in the water, however, they are ignored.

“A careful call is being made to all bicycle rental companies. Please inform your clients of the prohibition of bringing bicycles onto the sand banks or in the sea, if not, we will have to remove the unit and keep it safe in the Mayor’s Office until its owners come for them.

“Thank you very much in advance. And with everyone’s help, we will get ahead…” Alcaldía Municipal Holbox posted in a public statement.