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Health officials say for now, Covid vaccine will remain public, not private

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexico’s undersecretary of health says that at some point, the private health sector will be able to acquire doses of Covid vaccines. Undersecretary Hugo López Gatell says that in the meantime, all vaccines that enter the country will be free of charge and in accordance with the public Covid Vaccination Plan.

The Ministry of Health will begin its vaccine program December 22, with 125,000 vaccines being reserved for Mexico’s health professionals. The ministry notes that agreements have been made to acquire at least 116 million vaccines.

The doses, purchased by the Mexican government, were through bilateral agreements with different pharmaceutical companies.

“This vaccine issuance is in the interest of the general public. It is a state matter. It will most likely be framed in a context of national security in Mexico and in many countries of the world. We cannot have an open private market in this situation. Perhaps in the future we will, as with the influenza vaccine, but not at this time.”

Gatell has emphasized that the Covid vaccination coverage in the country will be universal in nature, so it is expected that by March 2022, the entire population over 18 years of age will have immunization. He said that including it from the beginning in the private market would privilege only a few.

Earlier this month, the Undersecretary of Health for Mexico presented its National Vaccination Policy against Covid-19, which highlighted those who will have priority. There is still no firm date as to when the vaccine will arrive in Quintana Roo.