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Head of Solidaridad Public Security condemns latest attack against police

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The head of the Secretariat of Public Security for Solidaridad has condemned the shooting of one of his officers. Raúl Tassinari described the act as cowardly after two of his officers were attacked during a nighttime patrol earlier this week.

Tassinari said that two of his officers from the Tourist Police were attacked Monday on Calle 12 and 10 Avenue while patrolling the streets. One of the two officers was hit by a bullet in the leg. He was transferred to hospital and released the following day.

Tassinari said that the shooting was in retaliation for a recent police operation that lead to the seizure of drugs. After shooting the officer, the man fled and “got lost in the streets.” A search operation for the shooter turned up nothing.

“The cowardly action carried out Monday morning was derived from the operations carried out in coordination with the security table,” he said.

“This is nothing more than the result of the actions given, which are going to be reinforced and will continue and continue. Sooner or later those who committed this crime will have to fall,” he said.

“We are not going to bow down. On the contrary. We are going to be stronger and part of a safe Solidaridad,” he added.

Raul Tassinari explained that this latest attack against police is due to the constant arrests and seizure of illicit substances from criminal groups that want to maintain their illegal activities around the state.