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Head of Mexican Senate hopes House will approve cannabis law by end of December

Mexico City, Mexico — The president of the Mexican Senate says she trusts that the Upper House will approve a law that regulates the “planting, commercialization and consumption” of recreational marijuana before the end of the session in December.

“We have very important laws to process, one on cannabis that I would like to see come out as soon as possible,” said Olga Sánchez Cordero, one of the most progressive figures of the ruling party during an interview with EFE.

Sánchez Cordero affirms that “all political parties want a very progressive law” because in Mexico “we are falling behind,” she says.

“We were formed in a prohibitionist culture in the 1960s, and the prohibitionist policy came from the United States,” she added.

Sánchez Cordero began the position just two months ago when she assumed the presidency of the chamber after resigning as Secretary of the Interior, the ministry in charge of internal policy in the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Given the delays in Congress to regulate the matter, in June, the Supreme Court declared the prohibition of marijuana unconstitutional, but it is still punishable in the Penal Code.