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Group of Brazilians found illegally in Playa del Carmen staying at Puerto Aventuras shelter

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — A group of Brazilian nationals who were found to be in Playa del Carmen illegally are staying in Puerto Aventuras. They were moved over the weekend after Solidaridad police arrested them when the driver of their SUV refused to stop at a Playa del Carmen police filter.

The incident happened Friday night which lead to a vehicle chase. When police caught the SUV, they found the 11 illegal Brazilians, among them, minor children.

Leticia Chaverri Pérez, Director of the Migrant Care Unit of Solidaridad said that the National Institute of Migration (INM) requested their support because there were minors involved.

“It happens that when there are families and there are children. The norm does not allow these children to be separated or placed in a migration station. In this case, they asked us for support with the shelter that is in Puerto Aventuras so that the adults are there with the children and can have a normal life as much as possible,” she explained.

On Friday night, eight adults and three minors were found traveling inside the SUV that failed to stop at the north police filter when requested.

“We have eight people, there are three families, three are minor children (…) the support is being given mainly for the children because generally they cannot be insured in the immigration station. This is while they can return to their place of origin,” Pérez added.

The Brazilian family will be provided with medical attention, food and lodging, until their situation is sorted out.