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Governor says Quintana Roo suffered 775 million in flood damage from Cristobol

Costa Maya, Q.R. — In a recent meet, governors Carlos Joaquín from Quintana Roo and Mauricio Vila of Yucatán, agreed to work together to recover damage generated by the severe flooding after tropical storm Cristobol.

In a joint press conference, Carlos Joaquin announced damages in excess of 775 million peso due to the flooding experienced in Quintana Roo. He detailed that damages have been recorded in excess of a million peso for the tourism sector along with 215 million peso along 350 kilometers of southern highways.

He says southern Quintana Roo also suffered almost 50 million peso in housing damage, 11 million in the educational system, more than 250 million peso in agricultural damage, 25 million in health and more than 220 million peso in urban streets and roads.

Money for damages are expected to come from the Emergency Response Fund (Fondo para la Atención de Emergencias — FONDEN), a fund that both governors say, they will manage. Both states, located along the Yucatan Peninsula, were hit hard by the passing of Cristobol as the tropical storm ripped through the region twice before finally moving off toward the U.S.