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Four soldiers under investigation after restaurant incident in Bacalar

Bacalar, Q.R. — Authorities have become involved in an unsettling event that happened in Bacalar earlier this week. Two military soldiers who were drinking at a Bacalar establishment are alleged to have pulled out a weapon in order to leave without paying their bill.

The matter was brought to the attention of officials after footage from security cameras was released on social networks. The released footage clearly shows two soldiers outside the restaurant aiming a weapon toward the inside of the establishment.

Since the video was released, an official complaint has been filed, allowing authorities to legally pursue those responsible.

Through a statement, the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico reported that “after the events recorded on March 26, the corresponding legal actions were taken in order to collaborate at all times with the authorities to determine the conduct of the naval elements involved in said event.”

Two of the men involved are alleged to have pointed their weapon at the restaurant’s waiters during their attempt to dine and dash. The Institution has confirmed that a total of four naval personnel are under investigation “after allegedly participating in acts contrary to the law and showing a hostile attitude against the civilian population.”

The Institution went on to say “the Navy of Mexico does not tolerate this type of action and reiterates the obligation the Institution has to act for the benefit of, and in support of, Mexican society in order to fulfill the mission of serving Mexico by making a great effort within of the Institution to instruct the proceedings of the elements under the concept of Human Rights and the institutional values that are Honor, Duty, Loyalty and Patriotism.”