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Former state treasurer charged with embezzlement after deviation of 450 million peso

Chetumal, Q.R. — The former treasurer for the state of Quintana Roo has been charged with embezzlement. The charges were laid after evidence presented showed he was likely responsible for the deviation of 450 million peso.

On Thursday, a judge found Alejandro N likely responsible of embezzlement for the probable diversion of public resources without justification during the administration of then-governor, Roberto Borge.

The Special Prosecutor’s Office against Corruption said, “the judge determined the existence of sufficient evidence to link Alejandro N for the crime of embezzlement, foreseen and sanctioned by article 256 of the State Penal Code, by virtue of the fact that when he served as state treasurer, he ordered dispositions in cash, diverting it without justifying the use of the money that was withdrawn from SEFIPLAN’s account,” the institution specified.

Alejandro N assumed the position of head of Sefiplan’s office in March of 2015, during the Roberto Borge term as governor.