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Forest fires generating concern among Puerto Morelos residents

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The mayor of Puerto Morelos toured an area where two forest fires have been burning, generating heavy smoke for the town.

In a press release, Mayor Laura Fernández Piña says she was escorted by Guillermo Morales López and León Salas Licea, directors of Protección Civil y Bomberos respectively, who confirmed that the fires are approximately 20 x 20 meters each and located about two kilometers west of the Villas la Playa subdivision.

“It is a fire at the surface level that consumes roots and dry trunks but does not generate flames. It is being treated promptly with a brigade of firefighters, Civil Protection and la Comisión Nacional Forestal (Conafor),” said the official from la Conferencia Nacional de Municipios de México.

Morales López explained that when the sea-to-land wind lowers its intensity, and that of land-to-sea predominates, as happened last night, the cloud of smoke reaches residential areas of Puerto Morelos causing discomfort and concern among people, creating an inaccurate idea that it is a large fire.

“We have just entered the area with President Laura Fernández and we find that these are two outbreaks of 20 by 20 meters, which among the plant layer that is burning, generates a lot of dense smoke,” said the municipal official.

Guillermo Morales confirmed that there is no danger to the environment nor to the health of residents.

“The presence of smoke does not generate a contingency that can affect people who do outdoor activities, nor is there a risk of fire reaching populated areas,” he said. He says that the Puerto Morelos fire fighting brigade is active and working to end the problem.