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Firefighters battle state’s first forest fire of the year south of Tulum

José María Morelos, Q.R. — After four days of battling flames, the state’s first forest fire of the year is said to be controlled. Forest firefighters of Quintana Roo have been fighting flames in a brush area in the municipality of José María Morelos.

The fire, which began earlier this week, was reported on land in the Pedro Moreno delegation of the municipality, south of Tulum.

Municipal delegate Mario Rodolfo Iván Chan said the fire is being attended to by volunteer Ejidatarios and residents along with brigade members of the National Forestry Commission (Conafor).

“It took about four days to get it under control. We made the guard line, but more trees fell and one of them crossed the guard line,” he said adding that happened three times, with trees falling over already controlled areas.

In the end, two hectares ended up burned. He said the fire began after a short circuit in the high voltage lines that had contact with tree branches. The short not only started the fire, but it also left area residents without power and water.

According to Comisión Nacional Forestal (Conafor), as of April 1, there were 62 forest fires burning in 20 states across Mexico. Those fires are being fought by more than 2,200 men and women. As of March 25, there were only 33 forest fires burning across the country.