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FGE Mexico City reports indictment of 10 former officials in Line 12 metro collapse

Mexico City, Mexico — The Mexico City Attorney General’s Office has confirmed the indictment of 10 former officials for the collapse of section 12 of the city’s Metro Collective Transportation System.

On Saturday, the FGE made the announcement after a hearing on Friday. Spokesman for the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office, Ulises Lara, clarified that there are 10 indications for alleged homicide, injuries and damage.

“The extensive, exhaustive and professional ministerial and expert work allowed us to impute public servants, individuals and legal representatives as likely responsible for the events, for the crimes of homicide, injuries and damage to property, all guilty,” he said in a video a message to the media.

He added that 10 people were summoned to the hearing, of which nine attended. Lara clarified that the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office has not requested any arrest warrants for now.

“The Prosecutor’s Office has not requested arrest warrants against any of the accused. Due process has been taken care of and various bilateral meetings have been held with the parties and their defenses to build agreements,” he explained.

The Prosecutor’s Office specified that the new hearing date, which has been set for March 2022, is strictly the judge’s decision, however, he said, the Prosecutor’s Office will request that justice is soon and expeditious.

Investigations have concluded that the May 2021 tragedy, which claimed the lives of 26 people and left 98 injured, was due to errors in the construction of the collapsed section. Among the defendants there are former heads of the metro and civil work.

Officials will move ahead to determine to what extent they were responsible for those structural failures.