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Felipe Carrillo Puerto to install security arches around municipality

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — The largest municipality in Quintana Roo is getting on board with security. On Thursday, Mayor Mary Hernández announced that Felipe Carrillo Puerto will install an active security system at municipal filters.

She says the system will include security arches outfitted with cameras in four of the municipality’s main entrances.

“A strong hand and firm decision to protect what is ours which is peace,” she said Thursday during a C5 meeting in Cancun. Hernández met with state authorities Thursday at the Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Quality Center (C5) in Cancun.

She says the connection to the C5 will allow real-time monitoring of public spaces and a faster response time to emergency situations, which she added, will provide emergency services with the technology to make their work more effective.

The Mayor said she is pleased to announce that everything is ready to start the system, which has been well received by the community.