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Felipe Carrillo Puerto inaugurates C2 surveillance system connected to Cancun

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — The municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto officially has an operational C2 security centre that is connected to the state’s C5 in Cancun.

To strengthen security in the municipality with joint work between municipal, state and federal corporations, Governor Mara Lezama witnessed the implementation of the Command and Control Center (C2) and 16 intelligent monitoring points connected to the C5 of Quintana Roo.

“With the operation of this C2, coordination and response time in the event of any emergency will improve, for the tranquility of the inhabitants, as well as the visitors who arrive in greater numbers every day to discover the cultural wealth of this heart of the Mayan area,” Lezama said.

This new equipment will also allow municipal authorities to strengthen tourism promotion for the Mayan area, whose history is fundamental to Quintana Roo since it is the origin of our culture.

“That is why we work 24/7 to address the origins of violence, prevent crime from schools, urging children and youth to prevent, staying away from bad practices, avoiding addictions, ensuring that there are no broken children who seek to fill a void, but then it is much more painful,” said the Governor.

She asked for the collaboration of society, of parents, of everyone, since the success of the strategy for building peace depends largely on social participation. Guaranteeing it is the responsibility of the authorities and for this they work in coordination and efficiency, Lezama said.

The C2 of Carrillo Puerto has 12 intelligent monitoring points each with three cameras in addition to four installed on road arches with three cameras, that are hooked up to four screens and six monitors. The monitoring points are installed in strategic locations for crime prevention.

The municipality’s new C2 is connected to the C5 in Cancun. Photo: CGC May 21, 2024.

The person in charge of the Office of the Felipe Carrillo Puerto City Council, María Antonieta Aguilar Ríos, highlighted the importance of this equipment and the municipal coordination with the other levels of government for greater security in the municipality.