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Felipe Carrillo Puerto ejidos block Tren Maya workers from entering land

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — Ejidos in protest of non-land-payment have stopped electrical work for the Maya Train. Since they have been warned road blocks are no longer tolerated, the group decided instead, to prevent workers from installing electrical infrastructure on the land.

Their move came after State Secretary Cristina Torres said the government would not tolerate political pressure from farmers or ejidatarios to comply with land compensation.

Rather than block a section of Felipe Carrillo Puerto highway, they refused Maya Train workers entrance onto the land.

Approximately 160 X-Yatil ejidos have been affected by the expropriation of the 25.5 hectares of land they say they continue to wait for payment. On Wednesday, Tren Maya workers were blocked from installing poles and cables for the substation and power line infrastructure that will supply the train and its stations.

Earlier this week, Torres Gómez warned protesting Ejidos that the government will not be politically pressured with road blocks. Her warning came after the Government of Quintana Roo filed a criminal complaint through the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT) against ejidos known to block federal roads as a way to protest.