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Father of 3-year-old who died in PDC house fire arrested on murder charges

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The biological father of a three year old girl who died in a house fire Sunday has been arrested. The FGE reported the arrest of Emmanuel L for his probable participation in the death of his daughter.

According to the FGE, Emmanuel L “tried to simulate that a fire had occurred in which the victim had lost her life,” however, an autopsy showed the little girl was suffocated to death.

An investigation into the Sunday afternoon house fire in west Playa del Carmen has revealed the girl showed signs of sexual abuse and “that the cause of the girl’s death was due to intentional and direct suffocation.”

On Sunday, a fire inside the Villas del Sol house was reported to be the cause of her death. According to statements at the time, her parents were moving and left her to sleep in her bed. While gone, the house caught fire due to a faulty cell phone charger.

After an autopsy, authorities determined that the 3-year-old was killed then staged to look like a death from the fire. Her father, Emmanuel L, was taken into police custody Tuesday on an arrest warrant.