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Electricity Reform votes did not reach qualified majority

Mexico City, Mexico — Votes to reform the Political Constitution in matters of energy did not reach a qualified majority to be approved by the Chamber of Deputies.

With 275 votes in favor of and 223 against (with 0 abstentions), the Electricity Reform votes did not reach a qualified majority, reported the president of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Carlos Gutiérrez Luna.

In an ordinary session of the LXV legislature, deputies voted for the Electricity Reform initiative after the proposals of their parliamentary groups.

After making the result known, he gave the declaration of publicity to the Board of Directors so that the deputies of the Chamber can carry out the exercise of analysis and discussion of the Electricity Reform initiative and in its case, a possible approval.

After the voting result of the Chamber of Deputies for the Electrical Reform initiative, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador lamented that legislators of the PRI and PAN have joined in a clear act of “treason against the country” that it does not defend the interests of the people and the nation, but of foreign companies.

“Yesterday an act of betrayal of Mexico was committed by a group of legislators who, instead of defending the interests of the people and the nation, instead of defending what is public, became outspoken defenders of foreign companies that are dedicated to stealing and these deputies backed them, the looters to put it plainly.”

President López Obrador said he is not surprised by the results of the vote by opposition deputies “because that is how conservatives have behaved in other times”.

“What happened is very unfortunate, although it is not strange either, it has happened in other times in our history, the conservatives have always gone abroad, they have always supported foreign interests against the national interest,” he said during his Monday press conference.