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Ejidos of Holbox request investigation after truckloads of hardwoods arrive on island

Holbox, Q.R. — The Ejidos of Holbox have asked the government to investigate the sale and transfer of hardwoods to the island after loaded trucks arrived. Jacobo Ay Che, president of the Network of Ejidos de Lázaro Cárdenas says he has made the investigation request to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa).

Ay Che says he made the request after large truckloads of the wood began arriving on the island for commercial purposes. He says he does not believe those trucks have the corresponding permits.

He pointed out that here is a high demand on the island for hard and precious woods, since they are ideal for the construction of hotels, but that this causes serious damage to the environment since it involves the cutting of green trees not yet mature.

Ay Che did not rule out that hard and precious woods are illegally logged in the Kantunilkín Ejido or in other nearby areas, which is why he asked Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente (Profepa) to investigate.

According to the ejidal leader, shipments of sapodilla and cedar are marketed on the island of Holbox, “taking advantage of the fact that Profepa is conspicuous by its absence” and they are shamelessly transferred despite the fact that, “at first glance”, it can be seen that it is green wood.

He also added that federal authorities should investigate the origin of the shipments since each cut tree costs around 15,000 peso, which does not come back into the hands of the Ejidos.