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Ejidos of Felipe Carrillo Puerto block Tulum airport worker access in protest

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — Another road block by ejidos over land claims was set up early Friday morning. Ejidos from the Chunyaxche and Annexes of Felipe Carrillo Puerto prevented worker passage to the Tulum Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport.

The large group blocked the road, accusing the federal government of failing to keep to the agreement regarding the 5,900 hectares of land that has been used for their megaprojects.

Hundreds of participating ejidos protested that federal authorities, including the Secretariat of Territorial and Urban Development (SEDATU), to reglularized the land for them, however, the megaprojects are far in their advancements and without response to their agreements.

Ejidal Commissioner Jacinto Canul Pacheco stated that since the beginning of project and the transfer of land for the construction of the airport, there was a commitment on the part of the federal authorities to subdivide and deliver the land to the ejidos, a commitment that has not yet been fulfilled.

The Ejidos agreed to block access to the Tulum International Airport for breach of contract. Elements of the National Guard and State Police were at the scene of the Friday morning road block. State Secretary Cristina Torres Gómez arrived later to talk with the group and have the airport’s accesses unblocked so workers could enter.