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Delta flight bound for New York returns to Cancun for emergency landing

Cancun, Q.R. — A Delta plane that took off from the Cancun International Airport had to return to this same terminal to make an emergency landing. The incident was reported Monday night due to smoke in the cabin area.

The flight, DL643 which left the airport at 6:23 p.m. bound for New York, had to return to Cancun when smoke was detected in the cabin. “We need you to remain seated. There is no need to panic,” the flight attendant can be heard saying in recorded passenger videos.

According to preliminary information, the plane was just over a hour into its flight when cabin crew detected the smoke. The plane returned to Cancun International, making a safe landing.

Passengers were reportedly transferred to a hotel where they overnighted in Cancun. No injuries were reported. There has not been any official report on what caused the smoke inside the Delta plane.