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Damaged sewer lines affecting Holbox image finally repaired

Holbox, Q.R. — Officials with the Port of Chiquilá say a long-time damaged sewer line has been repaired by CAPA. Valerio Domínguez Mayoral of the Port of Chiquilá, acknowledged the issues brought on by the damaged line, which included flooding and fouls smells.

The mayor says that workers from the Potable Water and Sewerage Commission (CAPA) have made the appropriate repairs to the sanitary drainage line, which will solve the problems, which he noted, affected the town’s image. The damaged line was seen by thousands who traveled to and from the island of Holbox.

Dominguez Mayoral added that they insisted that CAPA address the age-old problem that had become a source of infection, in addition to the foul smells that affected those passing through to go to the island.

CAPA personnel dug ditches with heavy machinery to reach the broken pipes in order to replace them. He said that although it was a simple job, it is one that had been neglected and generated many resident complaints.

He pointed out that there are at least eight areas where there are damaged pipes, three of which, are in the center of Chiquilá. The work to replace the old pipes with new, continues.