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Criminal gang member wanted for Cancun bar attacks found shot to death

Cancun, Q R. — A man wanted by authorities for the recent attack on a string of Cancun bars has been found shot to death. On Tuesday, police responding to the report of an attack outside a home in the Santa Fe subdivision arrived to find him dead.

According to the FGE, they are “investigating the death of a male in SM 524. He was identified as F.A.L.G., alias “El Huachi”, 35 years old, one of the main generators of violence in this area.”

The dead man has been identified as 35-year-old Francisco Alberto N, a priority of state authorities for his alleged participation in the attack against Cancun bars. Police responded to the 10:20 a.m. emergency 911 report of gunfire outside a home on Dimanete Street in SM 524.

His body was found laying face down in the driveway. Reports say he had just arrived at the home to meet a woman when he was intercepted and shot by subjects who fled in a car.

The home was in the name of the woman but rented on his behalf. He was there moving personal effects out of the home when he was shot and killed. Police seized his personal vehicle and the home.

Francisco Alberto N has been identified as a generator of violence in the northern region of the state. The attack against the string of Cancun bars in early May that left two dead and eight injured was the result of a territory dispute between him and another known criminal gang leader, Héctor N, both of whom local authorities have described as “two great enemies of Quintana Roo”.