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Construction project in Bacalar Lagoon shut by authorities

Bacalar, Q.R. — An illegal construction project on the shores of the Bacalar Lagoon has been shut down. On Monday, municipal authorities shut it down after numerous weekend citizen complaints.

Municipal inspectors found construction had been built from the shore to around 15 meters into lagoon water using concrete and wood. The Municipal Government determined after a series of inspections that the project was in violation of several state regulations related to urban development and environmental protection.

A large enclosed dock was being built inside the Bacalar Lagoon. Photo: Municipality Bacalar November 20, 2023.

The unfinished project is reported to be an enclosed dock. The closure stamps cited specific violations related to the department of Ecology and Environment. The site was shut down by the General Directorate of Public Works, Urban Development, Ecology and Environment.

An assessment is expected to be carried out to determine possible environmental damage since concrete was used during the construction phase.