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Chiquilá wildfire grows, now seen from Holbox

Holbox, Q.R. — A wild fire that as been burning in Chiquilá for more than a week has expanded and can now be seen from Holbox.

On Monday, the Commissariat of Chiquilá reported that the fire has been burning for approximately one week and has now caught a part of the jungle making it visible from Holbox. Despite the brigades daily battle, the fire continues to burn.

Brigadistas from the Chiquilá ejido have managed to control flames that they report, is located on the savanna, however on Monday, the fire took a turn, catching nearby jungle that, when dark, lights up the sky from Holbox.

According to information provided, the fire has consumed several hectares of Pac Island savanna, which is being battled by more than 70 brigade members. Head of Civil Protection Lázaro Cárdenas, José Alejandro Erosa Betancourd, says he has been notified by the ejidal commissioner to work in coordination with government, ejido and volunteer personnel to combat of the fire, which Betancourd says, should be completely extinguished in the next few days.