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Cancun motorcyclist killed after slamming into back of cargo truck at high speed

Cancun, Q.R. —  A Cancun motorcycle driver who slammed into the back of a cargo truck was killed Friday. The fatal accident happened at 10:30 a.m. along José López Portillo Avenue.

Preliminary information says the driver of the bike was driving at excessive speed and was unable to break in time to avoid the stopped truck ahead of him. The truck was being loaded with material when the motorcyclist crashed into him.

The unnamed motorcyclist hit the back of the loaded truck and flew several meters from his bike. Medical personnel called to the scene confirmed his death.

Transit officers shut down a section of the roadway while they waited for the medical examiner to remove the body. The driver of the cargo vehicle, 46-year-old José “N”, was arrested by Cancun police.

According to police, they spotted the motorcyclist laying on the road while patrolling the area. “The now detainee told police that he was parked on board his cargo truck, waiting for a machine to finish its work, when he observed that a motorcycle had crashed behind his unit.”

Officers requested the intervention of a medical unit, who confirmed that the male driver of the motorcycle no longer had vital signs, so they proceeded to formally arrest the truck driver for the crime of manslaughter.