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Biologist says increase in urban development causing jaguars to hunt in residential areas

Tulum, Q.R. — Another nighttime video of a wild jaguar roaming residential streets has been made known. According to local biologist Mirian Tzeek, jaguars need a large area of jungle in which to hunt for food, however, urban development has encroached on their territory.

This latest video capture was from a camera in the La Veleta neighborhood of Tulum. The private security feed captured a jaguar hunting a dog, who did manage to escape. It is the third recent residential camera in Riviera Maya to capture the wild cats on residential streets during the night. Nighttime video have also captured roaming jaguars in Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen residential areas.

Tzeek says that the jaguar is protected since it is considered endangered and is part of the local ecosystem, much like the crocodile seen on a Tulum beach earlier in the week.

She says the reports of frequent sightings is due to the increase in urban development. “It is a consequence of urban planning without considering wildlife crossings,” she said.