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Private Playa del Carmen home camera captures another wandering jaguar

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — On Monday night, a private security camera at a Playa del Carmen home videoed a jaguar. The nocturnal animal was seen in an unidentified subdivision of the city wandering around.

Wildlife conservation specialist Mario Buil said the animal was not videoed in an urban area likely due to work being done on the Maya Train. Although he knew the location of the videoed jaguar, he refused to disclose where it was seen due to poachers.

Buil said that for the safety of the cat, the exact location was not being disclosed to media since there are a lot of poachers who hunt jaguars for their skins and fangs.

The National Alliance for the Conservation of the Jaguar and the Committee for the Protection and Conservation of the Jaguar are working on the case in setting up community talks so residents understand the animal does not pose a threat to humans.

Last month, a jaguar was videoed during the night wandering a residential street of Puerto Morelos.

The jaguar was recorded by Ron Haughen, a local resident from Iowa, on a home camera in Residencial Alborada. Haughen, who lives in the apartment complex in the Joaquín Zetina Gasca neighborhood, captured about 15 seconds of the jaguar as it wandered between parked cars before heading off into open grassland.