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Tulum beachgoers snapped photos of adult croc on beach

Tulum, Q.R. — Guests of a Tulum hotel snapped photos of an adult crocodile wandering the beach. On Tuesday, Civil Protection was called in after reports of the crocodile were made.

The large reptile was seen swimming in shallow waters off a beach at kilometer 10 of the coastal area. Hotel staff made the call to authorities who came to capture and relocate it. However, after several attempts, they instead, monitored the situation since the crocodile kept retreating back into the water.

Several hours later, the same crocodile was seen on a different beach about 1.5 kilometers away. It was captured and tied for authorities who came and relocated it.

Governor Carlos Joaquín also published a photograph of the reptile that was captured resting on shore.

“A crocodile went for a walk on the beaches of Tulum. Part of the biodiversity of our paradise,” the state governor said on social media. Hotel workers said it was not the first time they had seen the crocodile.