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Authorities suggest residents add additional protection to homes due to increase in robberies

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — An increase in robberies and a decrease in officers has local authorities telling residents to protect their homes. The General Director of Public Security of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Roberto Bravo Peña, says home robberies in the municipality are on the rise.

He reported it as one of the fastest growing crimes in the municipality along with street muggings. For this reason, Bravo Peña has encouraged locals to protect their homes with additional security such as window bars.

He acknowledged that these types of crimes have overwhelmed police, so in this situation, he is asking residents to add additional protection while also reporting illicit activities.

He said that criminals monitor homes and when they notice one that is empty or without protection, those homes become a target. He stressed that even though they are aware of the increase in home robberies, people are not reporting them, which makes arrests highly unlikely.

Bravo Peña said police are working on strategies to reduce these types of crimes, stressing the importance of public complaints to help police identify and arrest those responsible.