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Authorities fine Isla Mujeres hotel for dumping waste water onto beach

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Authorities from Isla Mujeres sanctioned an island hotel after staff ran cleaning water onto the beach and into the sea. In a statement, it was announced that the Department of Environment and Ecology of the Isla Mujeres City Council financially sanctioned Hotel Villa Kiin.

The director of the municipal agency, Carlos Barranco García, explained that as soon as authorities were made aware of the incident, inspectors arrived at the hotel to corroborate facts. He also said that during an inspection, officers found traces of recent runoff from the hotel to the beach.

“During the inspection, we found that there were signs of recent runoff due to the washing of floors, so we talked with the hotel manager and explained that if a situation like this happens again, the sanction will be doubled according to what is established in the Ecology and Environment Regulations of the Isla Mujeres municipality,” he explained.

Barranco García said that while cleaning terrace floors, staff carelessness resulted in soapy water being discharged onto the beach and into the sea. He added that while on site, officials made an inspection of the hotel’s pipes, verifying that they were not leaking and that no waste water was being dumped.

He did not reveal the amount of the fine.