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Argument and death threats said motive in deadly shooting of woman in Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — Two men have been arrested in their alleged involvement of the shooting death of a woman in Cancun. In a news brief, the State Attorney General’s Office reported the arrests of Omar C and José M for the death of a Cuban woman.

The FGE said the pair were arrested after the woman was shot several times while outside her Cancun home, where she died. Witnesses were able to describe the incident to police who utilized the city’s C5 security cameras to locate those responsible.

Authorities say city security cameras captured both a motorcycle and taxi in the murder. A search and surveillance operation allowed authorities to locate the taxi driver, who provided the information that lead to the arrest of the two men seen firing a weapon from the motorcycle.

The FGE added that according to their investigation, Omar C, who was arrested December 3 in Cozumel, is believed the person who fired the weapon, while José M, who was arrested in Cancun on December 4, is believed responsible for driving the bike to the scene.

The alleged motive, explained the prosecutor’s office, was due to a verbal dispute between the singer and a worker from her workplace approximately three days before her death. The FGE detailed that the dispute ended with death threats.