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Amnesty International meets with Cancun authorities over protest where police fired live bullets

Cancun, Q.R. — On Thursday, Amnesty International representatives met with Cancun authorities regarding progress in the investigation into a protestors last November that left four injured.

In a statement, it was reported that a delegation from Amnesty International Mexico and the Victims Committee met with the Attorney General of the State regarding the November 2020 protest outside Cancun City Hall where live bullets were used against protesters.

“One year after the events, the women who were violated remain unclear as to who their aggressors were and who gave the order to shoot firearms, to beat the protesters and to sexually torture at least two women.

“This is a form of institutional violence that adds to the repression suffered by 9N,” stated Edith Olivares Ferreto, Executive Director of Amnesty International Mexico.

On November 9 of 2020, a group of protesters gathered outside Cancun City Hall demanding justice for a young murdered woman, Alexis. During the protest, live ammunition was used by Cancun police to disperse the crowd.

During the course of the investigation afterward, it was learned that members of the police force also robbed and physically and sexually assaulted arrested protesters.

“The victims have the right to know the truth, to know who made the decision to suppress the demonstration (…) and to punish the state agents who participated directly in the events, but also to those who, by action or omission, allowed serious human rights violations to take place on November 9, 2020 at the Municipal Palace facilities, all in a process adhering to the law,” stated Edith Olivares Ferreto.