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Americans swept out to sea rescued off Bahia Tanka Tulum

Tulum, Q.R. — Sailors were successful in the rescue of two American swimmers off a Tulum beach Saturday. The American tourists were returned to shore after an at-sea rescue by Marina officials.

The man and woman were rescued in the Bahía Tankah Beach area after being pulled out by strong currents. The pair were swimming off the popular Tulum beach area at the time of the incident.

Juan Manuel Castilla, the General Director of Tulum Civil Protection and Firefighters, said tourists Ilya “I” and Dziana “P” American citizens, were successfully returned to shore Saturday.

Elements of Civil Protection, along with lifeguards, waited for the marina boat to arrive at the dock where both were medically evaluated and statements taken. Neither were reported hurt in the afternoon incident.

Authorities are seen here waiting for the Marina vessel (distant central background) to arrive with the two Americans.
Photo: Dirección General de Proteccion Civil y Bomberos Tulum March 23, 2024.

In a brief note, the Dirección General de Proteccion Civil y Bomberos Tulum said “the prompt response of teams from all three levels of government was essential to successfully rescue a couple of American tourists on Tankah Bay Beach.

“It is crucial to always remember to follow safety instructions and respect maritime regulations when enjoying our beaches. Thank you to everyone involved for ensuring the safety of our visitors!”

The man and woman were met by authorities after their rescue.
Photo: Dirección General de Proteccion Civil y Bomberos Tulum
March 23, 2024.

The pair were swept out to sea due to the ongoing strong wind gusts across the region. They were one of at least three tourist water rescues made by Marina personnel over the weekend.