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After more than a dozen flat tires Mahahual taxi drivers remove newly laid tope

Mahahual, Q. R. — A group of taxi drivers have removed a newly installed tope after more than a dozen ended up with flat tires. The group of Mahahual drivers used tools to pry the speed bumps free from the road after a last count of 14 burst tires.

Edgar Ramírez Dzul, one of the taxi drivers, said at least 14 drivers have ended up with flat tires after passing over the newly laid bumps. He said the reason is because the pieces were not installed property.

Dzul said some of the bumps have bolts that were left above the ground, which when hit by a tire, punctures them. The 14 flat tires happened in the course of one week, he said, which is why they have taken it upon themselves to remove them.

“We have already registered about 14 taxis that lost their tires in the last week alone. Those who came to visit also expressed their annoyance because this misfortune happened to them just upon entering the community.

The men used a pick axe to lift the speed bumps from the road. On the right, a loose screw is seen protruding. Photos: March 18, 2024.

“Here the only back scratched was the tire dealer because these days, he has a full house,” said Dzul.

The group took to removing the speed bumps Monday morning. The tope was installed last week by the municipal government of Othón P. Blanco. Dzul said the taxi drivers removed the speed bumps and handed them over to their delegate for a second attempt at proper placement.