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Aeroméxico announces no more covid-19 tests for passengers U.S. bound

Mexico City, Mexico — Aeroméxico announced Sunday that they will no longer require negative covid-19 tests for passengers flying to the United States. Their announcement came after the U.S. announced an easing of travel measures.

On social media, the airline said they will no longer require the testing after the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the end of this requirement to enter a “new phase”.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has now moved into a new phase due to the widespread acceptance of highly effective Covid-19 vaccines, the availability of effective therapies, and the accumulation of high rates of vaccine-induced immunity and infection at the population level. in the United States,” the CDC said.

As of June 12, travelers into the United States are no longer required to prove a negative covid-19 test. However, Aeroméxico is still recommending that people keep their coronavirus vaccination schedule complete.

“CDC continues to evaluate the latest science and the status of the pandemic and will re-evaluate the need for a testing requirement if the situation changes. CDC will communicate any updates publicly if and/or when they change,” they added.

On June 10, the CDC announced that as of June 12, testing will no longer be required. The Biden administration reported lifting its requirement that all travelers test negative for coronavirus before flying to the US. The lift came after pressure from airlines who viewed the measure as excessive.

In December, the CDC tightened rules that required travelers to test covid-19 negative within one day before boarding a flight to the U.S.