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Advancements continue on Isla Mujeres CFE cable project

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Advancements are being made in the installation of a replacement electrical cable for Isla Mujeres. Island residents have been in need of a new submarine cable that feeds the island with mainland power for several years.

The CFE project will see more several thousand meters of cable run from Isla Mujeres mainland to its municipal island. Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) personnel continue to work from the mainland beach area where they are readying for the installation of the new cable along the seabed.

The cable will run from Punta Sam (Isla Mujeres mainland) to a station on the island. The project has been in the works since August of this year when the CFE announced the cable project. In August, Isla Mujeres mayor, Atenea Gómez Ricalde, confirmed that after a meeting with directors the CFE, the new cable would be installed before the end of the year.

She explained in August that the cable would arrive at the Port of Progreso Yucatán. In early November, approximately 80 tons of cable was trucked in from Merida for the Isla Mujeres CFE replacement project.

The project, which will see the replacement of their currently 30-plus year old cable, is scheduled for completion before the end of the year.