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Abandoned motorhome riddled with bullet holes found on highway in Felipe Carrillo Puerto

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — Police from Quintana Roo were part of the team that arrived to inspect the report of an abandoned motorhome. The large unit was not only found without people inside, it was also found riddled with bullet holes.

Personnel from the FGE traveled to the location where they located the motorhome in a highway ditch. Other motorists using the Costa Maya shortcut road reported the unusual sighting to authorities early Monday.

Municipal Police of Felipe Carrillo Puerto found the vehicle near the junction that leads to the town of Naranjal Poniente, approximately 135 kilometers northwest of Chetumal.

Reports say the motorhome was found with at least seven bullet holes, most of which, were in the driver’s side windshield. There is no indication on the whereabouts of those from inside. The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE Quintana Roo) has begun an investigation.

There was no documentation inside the unit or plates on the motorhome. Some roadways in the southern region of the state have been known to be places where drivers are attacked and vehicles robbed, especially at night, by looters who hide in the thick highway brush.