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A reduction in covid contagion means Quintana Roo could be on its way to becoming a green state

Cancun, Q.R. — With the registration of a decrease in cases and zero deaths due to Covid in the last two days, the state governor says it is possible Quintana Roo becomes a green state in coming weeks.

Governor Carlos Joaquín said that Quintana Roo has registered a frank decrease in the contagion curve, and that during the past last two days, the state has not recorded any covid-related deaths, something he says, is of great importance for everyone.

Joaquin explained that the decrease in the contagion curve does not mean people can lower their guard. “The virus is still there, it is still complicated and this is not the time to raise alarm,” he said adding that a relaxation in protocol would mean a rebound and result in a new number of infections.

Carlos Joaquín says that with the continued use of health protocols, in coming weeks, the state could see a green epidemiological light. He added that the state continues to advance gradually and responsibly and that a green light would mean resuming activities closer to the reality that was had before the pandemic.

On Monday, Dr. Ricardo Cortés Alcalá, Director of Health Promotion for Mexico reported that for the first time since the pandemic, the country is without red or high risk of contagion states. He also said that Mexico now has three green or low risk states.