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3 police officers part of 4 arrested in Cancun kidnapping

Cancun, Q.R. — Four people were taken into police custody in Cancun for the crime of kidnapping after they were captured in the area of Puerto Juárez.

There were no details on how police became aware of the kidnapping, only that three men and one woman were arrested by Cancun police. Reports say the three detained men had identified themselves as federal police officers.

After Cancun police passed their personal data through Plataforma México, the three men were listed as belonging to the Federal Police. The four were removed from a white car and the victim freed by police, who transferred the accused to Cancun facilities for the attorney general.

Detained were 36-year-old Gabriel Genaro M.M. from Mexico City, escort of the Federal Police as well as 42-year-old Jorge Sergio G.A. also from Mexico City and also an escort of the Federal Police. Héctor Arturo C.M. 35 years old and a federal police escort from Zacatecas was also detained along with 21-year-old Sua Atlai B.A., of no affiliation with the corporation.