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Young Tulum driver found dead in car accident believed responsible for earlier hit and run

Tulum, Q.R. — Tulum police were busy Friday night attending to multiple accidents along the same stretch of road. In the course of just two hours, three accidents were reported.

A report regarding one of those accidents came in around 2:30 a.m. that had both Tulum firemen and Civil Protection personnel on scene. In the center of the Tulum-Felipe Carrillo Puerto highway was a rolled car.

The compact vehicle landed on its side after slamming into the concrete base of a highway pole. The unidentified driver was killed. Due to the high impact of the collision, the deceased driver was trapped inside.

Tulum firemen worked to free the body. The male driver, said to be in his late teens, was pronounced on scene.

Moments earlier, an ambulance from Tulum attended to the call of a hit and run. When they arrived, they located one young man who told authorities that while walking along the highway, he had been clipped by a speeding car that kept going.

It was later determined that that speeding car was the vehicle found overturned on the same stretch of road. Preliminary information suggests the driver, after realizing what happened, was attempting to flee when he hit the base of the concrete pole and overturned his car.