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Young fisherman shot during Isla Mujeres street argument

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — One man was taken to hospital Wednesday night after being shot in central Isla Mujeres. The 24-year-old shooting victim was shot twice during an argument.

According to local information, the victim, Felipe “N”, complained after Daniel “A” took his photograph. During the in-person complaint, someone threw a punch that lead Daniel “A” to draw a gun and fire twice.

It is not known why the photo was taken of Felipe “N”, an island fishermen. However, he ended up in hospital with two bullet wounds to his feet. His aggressor then fled.

An unidentified man alleged responsible for the shooting was arrested at his home several blocks away.

Using island security cameras, Isla Mujeres police were able to locate the man who is alleged to have fired the shots. He was found a few blocks away and arrested shortly after the shooting.