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Volkswagen Mexico to gradually restart production after a shortage of semiconductors

Cuautlancingo, Puebla — Volkswagen Mexico says the restart of manufacturing of the Jetta, Taos and Tiguan models will be carried out independently starting early July. The company says it is preparing to restart production as a result of the global shortage of semiconductors.

The restart of manufacturing production of the Jetta, Taos and Tiguan models will be carried out independently and on different dates, the manufacturer said in a statement.

The company warns that the supply of semiconductors will continue to be complex in the coming months, however, it anticipates that it will reach a point of solution to the supply crisis.

“For all the above, possible future adjustments cannot be ruled out. However, there is a general expectation of an improvement in the supply of semiconductors in the second part of the year,” Volkswagen noted.

The company says they will maintain permanent monitoring of the supply situation of its value chain as well as a constant analysis of the possible adjustments that a shortage situation, together with the programming of manufacturing cycles and market behavior, could cause in their production program.

The assembler added that production has not been affected on a large scale as a result of its efforts to minimize the impact of the semiconductor shortage.

The global shortage of semiconductors has become the new pandemic that has been affecting the automotive sector. The lack components, which come from Taiwan and South Korea, has already caused stoppages in vehicle production around the world.

Chipmakers are in supply shortages because they allocated more of their production to consumer electronics producers after assemblers closed their plants last year as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Single-chip production can involve more than 1,000 stages, 70 border crossings, and a large number of specialized companies, most of them in Asia. The shortage of this component has caused the paralysis of dozens of plants around the world, affecting the availability of models in the sales floors of most brands.