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U.S. Ambassador Ken Salazar “spring breaks” in Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — The United States ambassador to Mexico photographed himself in Cancun over the weekend. Joining the hundreds of thousands of international travelers visiting the city’s beaches, Ken Salazar reported celebrating Spring Break in Cancun.

“Celebrating the great tourism of Mexico. Here in Cancun with thousands of US citizens for spring break,” the diplomat wrote on social media.

It was in February, when Salazar acknowledged that Cancun was a safe place to visit. He made the comment within the framework of the Third Meeting of Governors of the South Southeast of Mexico with the United States Embassy.

While attending the Cancun-based meeting last month, Ambassador Salazar commented that Cancun is a safe place. “If I did not have an official position as Ambassador, I would like to be in Cancun here with my family because it is a divine place,” he said.

While Spring Break has been ongoing since March with the arrival of more than a million tourists, Santa Semana (Easter) officially begins in Mexico April 10. Another 1.2 million are expected to arrive in the state for the Easter holiday season.