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Two more stuck sea turtles freed from rocky Isla Mujeres beaches

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Two more adults sea turtles required help being dislodged from rocks over the weekend. On Sunday, members of the Isla Mujeres Turtle Camp were part of a rescue in two separate reports.

According to Isla Mujeres Mayor Atenea Gómez Ricalde, the first report was of a stuck turtle in the backyard of a residence on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. The turtle was located near the College of Bachelors in the Insular Zone and was rescued.

Ricalde reported that specimen was a loggerhead turtle measuring 90 centimeters long by 83 wide. Before becoming stuck, she managed to lay 144 eggs without any problems. She was freed and able to return to the sea on her own.

The second sea turtle was reported stuck on the eastern shores of the island near Skate Park. The Green sea turtle was measured to be 114 centimeters in length and 93 in width.

Her rescuers noticed slight scratches on her body. She was treated, unstuck and released without further complication.

Last week, Municipal Police of Isla Mujeres spent around three hours chiseling limestone to free a stuck sea turtle. The turtle found herself nose-down after trying to pass over rocks to return to the sea.

She ended up tightly lodged between two rocks that required a hammer and chisel to free her.