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Tulum mayor monitors paving, light installation project progress

Tulum, Q. R. — Paving and light installation work being carried out along Tulum roadways is monitored by its mayor, Victor Mas Tah. Mas Tah was on site for the work being done along the access road to the archaeological zone as well as the main entrance of the community of Cobá.

More than 7.8 million peso is being used for the roadway projects, which include repaving and the installation of 1,900 linear meters of public lighting on Tulum Avenue. The project investment also includes the installation of 228 meters of lighting along the access to the archaeological zone and 1,000 meters along Cobá Sur Avenue.

Mas Tah reported that at the archaeological zone, improvement to 1,281 square meters of roadway leading to the archaeological zone is under way, and that four 30-meter-deep rainwater absorption wells are being constructed in the town of Cobá.