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Tulum launches well-being and connection with nature campaign through Expedia

Tulum, Q.R. — Tulum Mayor Diego Castañon Trejo says he is committed to supporting tourism with the launch of a new promotional campaign with Expedia. The promotional launch with the world’s leading online reservation travel agency will be in charge of promoting Tulum as a tourist destination that inspires well-being and natural connections.

The six-month promotional campaign is aimed toward U.S. and Mexico travelers. The campaign, in addition to promoting Tulum, will serve as a stimulus to the hotel occupancy of the destination which will attract more economic benefits with an anticipated increase in reservations.

Tulum is being promoted for well-being and connection with nature.
Photo: H. Ayuntamiento de Tulum

The campaign will be presented through the insertion of advertising banners that will increase the visibility of Tulum in front of other competing destinations. The promotion campaigns are being done in a joint effort between Tulum City Hall and the local hotel sector.

Castañon Trejo says work is being done both on the integration of alliances and on the design of new marketing and public relations campaigns with specialized media, airlines, agencies and travel influencers.