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Tulum hosts sargassum strategy meeting for cleaner beaches

Tulum, Q.R. — Municipal, state and federal officials met in Tulum Wednesday to discuss the topic of sargassum. Government officials say they will join efforts in combatting the seaweed problem.

On Wednesday, the town of Tulum hosted the government meeting that also included six municipalities that make up the “all against sargassum” program. The meeting dealt with the main challenges and obstacles of the arriving sargassum as well as the actions to combat the brown algae.

The work table consisted of discussions on shared experiences as well as work plans and strategies to counteract the problem.

Treasurer Aldape Moncada stated that on instructions from Diego Castañón, the municipal government will double economic efforts to mitigate the presence of sargassum in the second and third quarters of 2023.

In addition, there will be coordination with the municipal, state and federal government to consolidate results that allow clean beaches and better tourism.

“We have the instruction of our Mayor, Diego Castañón, to address this issue as soon as possible, to double the efforts that have been made in recent years and most importantly that the actions are visible and in favor of all citizens,” he explained.

The director of Zofemat Tulum, Melion González, acknowledged that the sargassum season this year is forecast to be complex, which is why they are working on methods and strategies to deal with it.

“As is well known, we will have a difficult season. We will have a large amount of macroalgae on our coasts. We are going to be working hand-in-hand with our mayor Diego Castañón to exchange strategies that we will be sharing for the removal of sargassum,” he said.

The meeting was also attended by representatives the municipalities of Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Solidaridad, Cozumel, Tulum and Othón P. Blanco.