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Tulum driver dies after swerving into oncoming traffic

Tulum, Q.R. — The driver of a car involved in a two vehicle crash Friday died shortly after arriving at hospital. Tulum firemen and paramedics were at the scene of the early morning accident along a section of Tulum highway.

At the site they found two injured drivers, both of who were found trapped behind the wheel of their cars. Two firemen worked to free both men from the inside of the crumpled cars for hospital transfer.

However, shortly after being admitted, one driver died from internal injuries sustained in the collision. The deceased has been identified as Tulum resident Ceaser “N”.

Pedro ”P”, the second driver, was also cut free from his crumpled compact car by Tulum firemen for hospital transfer. His injuries were not as serious.

The driver of the silver car alleged responsible for the accident died in hospital. Photo: May 17, 2024.

According to the police report, Cesar “N” was traveling north aboard a silver Dodge Atos unit, and due to intoxication, swerved and invaded the oncoming lane.