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Tropical disturbance recorded on official start day of Atlantic Hurricane Season

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — June first marks the official beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane season for 2023. This year, the basin has already recorded two systems, the second of which continues to develop.

On May 31, a disturbance was located in the Gulf of Mexico that has since become better organized. According to the National Hurricane Centre in Miami, Two is located in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico.

While it does not pose any threat to the Mexican coast, it could develop into a short-lived tropical depression that would affect portions of the Florida Peninsula through the weekend.

At the moment, the NOAA says the system, which has become better organized overnight, has a chance of further development that could produce heavy rainfall.

It is the second disturbance located in the Atlantic prior to the official start of the hurricane season.

On May 21, the National Hurricane Center of Miami reported the first tropical system prior to the official start of the 2023 hurricane season the southwestern Atlantic. The disturbance dissapated without further development.

Some U.S. meteorologists are forecasting an El Niño for the Atlantic this year, which would mean less developing storms and a hurricane season similar to that of last year.

Meteorologist Dan Kottlowski is forecasting 11-15 named storms, four to eight of those to reach hurricane strength and one to three of those reaching major hurricane status.