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Trane spends $18 million USD on Monterrey plant expansion

Monterrey, Nuevo León — Trane has announced it has completed an $18 million USD plant expansion in Monterrey. The company has added an additional 10,000 square meters to its air conditioner factory for units destined mainly for the U.S. market.

“The expansion represents a 40 percent growth in terms of exports to the United States and the possibility of generating more than 200 new jobs in the region,” said Daniel Córdova, Director of the Trane Monterrey Plant who says they currently produce 50,000 units per year.

“This work reinforces the confidence of the global team in our ability to meet market expectations. Thanks to this expansion, we will be able to satisfy the growing demand for our products and services inside and outside the country in addition to boosting the local economy,” he added.

The construction of the new facilities began in January 2023 and were finished in July.

“The investment for this expansion amounts to $18 million USD and is focused on adapting the facilities for the manufacture of a residential package of 3 to 5 tons, a piece of equipment in high demand in the United States, which was previously produced in the eastern part of the neighboring country,” he explained.

Trane says they plan to increase the volume of its production and services while shortening its delivery times and obtaining a more reliable and effective supply chain.